Thursday, October 6, 2011


My mom is forcing me to get new luggage for Christmas. I guess now that I am grown up and in the 'real world,' my Vera Bradley blue paisley print luggage with broken zippers is just not gonna cut it. I have been searching all over for luggage that I like. Below are some of my favorites that I have found so far. I also thought I would inclue a little segment on travel essentials as well. One of my best friends, Ragland, is an expert traveler/packer. She said that going between her mom and dad's houses is what made her minimalize without over-packing (which I am so guilty of). I will go on a two day trip and it looks like I am going on a vacation overseas. So...I asked 'Rags' to share some of her packing tips/packing essentials with us and here is what she had to say:

1.always check the weather (will determine your products you bring and your wardrobe ex: sunny and hot=sunscreen and beach gear)

2. I can't go anywhere without my products
 -dove soap, i bring a bar everywhere i go out of town because for some strange reason, people don't ever have soap when i forget to bring mine (if you don't use soap, you are gross)
-my lotions: face,eye, body
-miniature shampoo and conditioner, and all hair products (heat defense, and curl spray)
-i NEVER go anywhere without my hair dryer (babybliss)
-nail clippers (you never know when youre gonna get a hangnail and you'll be pullin at the damn thing all wkd
-dental care
-make up (always bronzer, blush, under eye concealer (bo-ing is my favorite at sephora), and mascara (falsies is my new fav)
-hair spray bag essentials: PACK BY OUTFIT
-enough panties and thongs for the days you'll be there
-Ex: For the Weekend
-tight skirt
-skinny jeans (black or dark denim)
-2 flowey tops
-one sassy top
-leather jacket or fur vest
-black pumps of some sort or clogs
-tan boots
-3 t-shirts
-pullover/sweater and pj pants
-2 pairs of socks charger, & pillow

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