Monday, September 12, 2011


Now that I am in the 'working world,' I have a budget when it comes to clothes, shoes, etc. I like to look stylish at work but I also need 'going out' clothes as well. This is why I love to shop at Loft. They have versatile pieces that I can wear not only to work but also mix it up with something else and where it out. Loft also has really great deals - I went yesterday and found some awesome stuff! Below are some of my favorite Fall 2011 pieces and styles.

Loft dress pants fit so well and they have several different styles.

Love everything about this!

This vest was my favorite find that I purchased yesterday. So cute with leggings and boots!

Love all the layers and styles mixed together

Awesome suede riding boots

How cute is this coat?!

I love a red dress

Love this casual look

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